Quartz ceramic crucibles

RS Industry is a distributor of quartz ceramic products, which are widely used in various industries due to high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, low thermal expansion, good dielectric properties, combined with sufficiently high mechanical strength.

The quartz ceramic crucible is ideal for melting pure metals and alloys:

  • it is inert – it does not react with the melt when heated and does not change its composition.
  • it does not “carburize” the metal
  • it is heat-resistant – does not collapse during rapid heating (thermal shock) up to 1750°С
  • it has low coefficient of thermal expansion, i.е. practically it does not change its shape and size when heated

We always have in stock common sizes of crucibles for melting metals and alloys for analysis, which are suitable for widely used induction furnaces Induterm, Himmelwerk, and we can also manufacture products of complex shapes according to your drawings.

We will answer all your questions by email: quartzcrucibles@gmail.com