Oxygen lances

Thermal oxygen lances are powerful tools used for various industrial applications, including metal cutting, piercing, and demolition. These devices utilize a controlled stream of high-velocity oxygen to generate an intense heat source capable of melting and severing metal.
The principle of operation for thermal oxygen lances can be described as follows:

  • Oxygen Supply: The lance is connected to a high-pressure oxygen source, typically stored in cylinders or supplied through a dedicated system. The oxygen is the primary fuel for the lance and plays a crucial role in the cutting process.
  • Ignition: The lance is ignited at one end, often using an external ignition source such as a flame or an electric spark. Once ignited, the lance sustains a self-sustaining combustion reaction due to the presence of oxygen.
  • Combustion: As the oxygen flows through the lance, it encounters the burning tip, where it reacts with a combustible material, typically a steel or iron rod. This reaction generates an intense exothermic heat, reaching temperatures of several thousand degrees Celsius.
  • Metal Cutting: The extremely high temperatures produced by the combustion reaction cause the metal in the lance’s path to rapidly melt. Simultaneously, the oxygen reacts with the molten metal, oxidizing it and forming a liquid slag. The oxygen also provides a powerful stream of gas, blowing away the molten metal and slag from the cutting zone.
  • Precision and Control: Thermal oxygen lances offer precise control over the cutting process. Operators can manipulate the lance’s position, angle, and duration of exposure to achieve desired cuts, shapes, or holes in the metal. The lance’s high-velocity oxygen stream ensures a clean, smooth cut with minimal slag or residue.
  • Thermal oxygen lances find applications in various industries, including metalworking, construction, shipbuilding, and scrap metal processing. They are particularly useful for cutting thick sections of metal, such as steel plates, beams, and large structures, where conventional cutting methods may be impractical or time-consuming. The versatility, efficiency, and precision of thermal oxygen lances make them indispensable tools for many heavy-duty metalworking tasks